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Technical & Scientific Presentations Are Different
It's okay to be nervous, but it's not okay to lose your audience and fail to deliver the presentation your team is counting on to complete the mission.

Learn how to organize heaps of information into a clear, concise message and how to better manage the stress of delivering a presentation. Learn to use audience analysis and Q&A sessions to your advantage. Ensure that your listeners understand your expectations and engage in your action plans.
Powerful Briefings & Technical Presentations Are Priceless!
Brief Like TED
This one day program focuses on preparing and delivering clear, concise briefings. This program features a 2 hour, online refresher to be used after the workshop. The skills you'll need to "Brief like TED" are repeatable and effective.

Delivered to both small and large groups, this program provides skill integration, valuable practice sessions, and recordings.
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Throughout Our Lives We're Faced With Conflict

  • Conflict can be Positive, leading to improvements in processes and attitudes.
  • Conflict can be Negative, leading to loss of productivity and even anger.

Conflict Management training content and exercises provide skills that can be used to encourage positive outcomes when conflict occurs in the workplace or in participant's personal lives. Realign processes and engage employees  using more productive communication techniques.
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Enjoy a more  positive, productive working environment.

Writing Training Today
Means More Than Punctuation
Your Employee's Writing Skills Represent Your Company
Todays best leaders have great writing and presenting skills. They understand both the structure, as well as the delivery of good communications.

Great leaders set corporate standards for writing and presentation skills. They are able to coach their teams, as well as present clear, cooperative action plans. KCI's Communication skills coaching programs are designed to improve corporate communication skills.
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Easy and Affordable -  KCI's online programs provide instant access to the training you want today!
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Conflict Management

program identifies common conflict styles and provides skills that can be used to encourage positive outcomes in both professional and personal relationships. We also address what to do when conflict escalates.

Listener-Based Presentations
is tailored to supervisors, managers, executives, and teams that need to receive consensus for concepts and ideas. Plan, organize and deliver presentations that impact your audiences and deliver a clear, concise message. KCI's systematic practice processes help ensure more successful, powerful presentations.
Technical Presentations Skills is extremely valuable training for those who need to sort through stacks of information and deliver scientific/technical information to an audience with ranging levels of expertise. This program offers techniques for overcoming writers block, managing stress, and the proper use of visual aids.
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Reader-Based Writing 1.0  
 is specifically designed for those who speak English as a second language or those who desire a grammar review. This program discusses the nine parts of speech and the many changes that have influenced American Business English.
Reader-Based Writing 2.0
is an advanced writing program that focuses of bottom-line communication combined with a systematic process to plan, organize, write, and review documents. Everyone who wants to send a clear message and save time writing will appreciate this program.
Briefing Techniques
is a favorite of supervisors and executives working in the defense industries and government agencies. Their briefing requirements include delivering a clear, concise message while eliciting cooperation and action.
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