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Distinct differences in KCI's training programs have benefited global leaders for over 25 years. We custom tailor the content and delivery of our programs to suit your specific needs. This is especially valuable to "C" level groups and those presenting a technical and/or scientific message.

We understand the unique challenges of planning, organizing, and delivering a clear, concise message.  We'll provide proven techniques to overcome writer's block, improve organization, manage stress, and revise your practice process.


Listener-Based Presentations program focuses on learning to discover, understand, and achieve the purpose of your presentation by delivering a clear, concise message.

Using the POD Process participants learn repeatable methods of developing and delivering presentations. We'll address stress management, improved practice, Q&A sessions and the proper use of visual aids.

This program is an important component of many Fortune 100 communication skills training programs.



KCI's Reader-Based Writing 1.0 program focuses on "Global Business English" skills, correct grammar, and proper word usage. During this program we discuss the use of active and passive sentences, using strong verbs, and the "new rules" of business writing. We focus on writing more effective, organized emails with comprehensive subject lines, and we discuss the value of using deductive communication methods.


Want to conduct problem-solving meetings? KCI's Briefing Techniques programs focuses on learning skills that are essential for more productive meetings.

Briefing Techniques programs a favorite of supervisors and executives working in the defense industries and government agencies. Their briefing requirements include delivering a clear, concise message while eliciting cooperation and action.


Learn how to organize heaps of information into a clear, concise message and how to improve your practicing strategies when delivering a presentation. Learn to use audience analysis and Q&A sessions to your advantage. Learn to manage stress, and ensure that your listeners know your expectations, and leaves your presentation with a comprehensive action plan.


Throughout our professional and personal lives we're faced with conflict. Conflict can be positive, leading to improvements in processes and attitudes. Conflict can be negative, leading to loss of productivity and even anger.

KCI's Conflict Management program identifies common conflict issues and provides skills that can be used to encourage positive outcomes in both professional and personal relationships. We also address what to do when conflict escalates.


Trainers are only as good as the content of the training program they are introducing.

As companies become more self-contained, often they'll choose to employ full-time trainers. Soon it becomes apparent that without comprehensive strategies and techniques, in-house programs will fail to meet corporate goals.

KCI's training programs content is written by SME's and have been used by some of the largest companies in America. Let's discuss how using KCI's proven training program content can significantly improve the results yielded by your in-house training program.