Business and Technical Communication Skills Training

Our award winning on-demand webinar programs are available for distance learning. KCI programs have been branded for Fortune 100 Companies and have become and integral part of their training strategies for over twenty years.

KCI On-Demand Presentation Skills Webinars Include:

Listener-Based Presentations
KCI developed Listener-Based Presentation Skills as our the original presentation training program.  This program has been tailored over the last 25 years to meet clients specific needs.

Listener-Based Presentations program focuses on understanding and achieving the purpose of your presentation by delivering a clear, concise message. It is an important component of many Fortune 100 communication skills training programs.

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Briefing Techniques
Briefing Techniques is one of our most popular Listener-Based Presentation Skills programs.

This program is a favorite of corporate and government clients because briefings often include advanced, in-depth Q&A sessions. 

Participants discover presentation development methods, and delivery techniques that include Q&A strategies that will prepare them to defend their position and learn how to use audience analysis strategies.


Technical Presentations
Technical Communication Skills is a combined Listener-Based Presentation and Reader-Based Writing Skills program specifically designed for engineers, scientists, and others whose complex subject matter can contribute to communication difficulties.

Technical presenters learn to organize heaps of information, manage stress, and how to effectively practice their presentation. Q&A strategies are included.


KCI On-Demand Writing Skills Webinars include:

Reader-Based Writing 1.0
KCI's Reader-Based Writing program focuses on "Global Business English" skills, correct grammar, and proper word usage. During the program we discuss the use of active and passive sentences, using strong verbs, and the "new rules" of business writing.
We focus on writing more effective, organized documents with comprehensive subject lines, and we discuss the value of using deductive communication methods.

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Reader-Based Writing 2.0
KCI's Reader-Based Writing 2.0 is an advanced training program. Participants learn to write clear, concise, action-oriented documents quickly and easily using KCI's high-speed POWR writing process.
This program teaches you to Plan, Organize, Write, and Revise everything from quick emails to lengthy, more intricate technical reports.

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Using these high-speed writing techniques, participants learn to write clear, concise, action-oriented, and easy-to-read  documents that use specific organizational structures and focus on main points.

KCI's Conflict Management On-Demand Webinar

KCI's Conflict Management program identifies common conflict issues and provides skills that can be used to encourage positive outcomes in both professional and personal relationships. We also address what to do when conflict escalates.

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