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Listener-Based Presentations

KCI developed Listener-Based Presentation as our original presentation skills training program.

Listener-Based Presentations program focuses on understanding and achieving the purpose of your presentation by delivering a clear, concise message. It is an important component of many Fortune 100 corporate communication skills training programs.

KCI offers content customization of this highly effective, versatile training program. Clients choose the comprehensive Listener-Based Presentation program or they can choose to receive a tailored version that will target specific areas of communication skills improvement. KCI facilitators help will you find communication solutions and they will design strategies tailored to address specific concerns. The presentation techniques offered during this program address core competencies required by all successful presenters.


Quickly develop powerful presentations using KCI's proprietary POD process. Organize data into a strategic message, reinforced by visual aids. Captivate and empower audiences using proven techniques. Measurably improve your listening skills. Manage stress and overcome stage fright - become a clear, confident speaker. Use Q&A sessions to your advantage. Program participants will learn to develop powerful presentations as well as have opportunities to practice their delivery skills. Participants learn the POD process to systematically Plan, Organize, and Deliver their presentations more effectively. They learn verbal and non-verbal communication techniques and they practice their delivery skills during multiple recorded and critiqued practice sessions.

Listener-Based Presentation Skills workshops include an online prework session which allows participants to develop their first presentation prior to attending the workshop, and avoid wasting time. They arrive with a finished presentation in-hand, ready to go. Participants spend more time learning valuable presenting techniques, critiquing methods, and Q&A strategies utilizing the KCI program facilitators' expert advice.

Using KCI's proven techniques, participants quickly produce finely crafted presentations that inspire and captivate audiences resulting in a measurable, positive return on your investment.

Listener-Based Presentation Skills Workshops are also available in Train-the-Trainer formats.

1 Day Onsite Workshop

Listener-Based Presentation Skills 1 day workshops are best suited for experienced presenters. The training provides repeatable strategies for producing presentations quickly and focuses on delivering information to an audience with ranging levels of expertise. This program offers techniques that improve audience retention, and includes the proper use of visual aids.

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2 Day Onsite Workshop

Listener-Based Presentation Skills 2 day workshops are designed for mid-level presenters. The training provides repeatable strategies for producing presentations quickly and focuses on delivering a clear, concise message. This program introduces methods to improve Q&A sessions and how to effectively introduce action plans.

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