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Conflict Management

Throughout Our Professional And Personal Lives We're Faced With Conflict

         Conflict can be  Positive, leading to improvements in processes and attitudes.
Conflict can be  Negative, leading to loss of productivity and even anger.

KCI's Conflict Management program identifies common conflict issues and provides skills that can be used to encourage positive outcomes in both professional and personal relationships. We also address what to do when conflict escalates.

This online program is presented in 3 Sections:

Section 1  Participants develop an understanding of the perceptions that both parties bring to any conflict.
Section 2  Participants learn about and discuss the following:

Conflict in the workplace and conflict situations they've experienced or observed.

Potential causes of conflict.

The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model.

Their conflict style by taking the Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory.

The pro's and con's of their personal conflict style.

When to use the most appropriate conflict management style.

A five-step process that will help them define a solution to their conflict.

Section 3

Participants explore communication skills & environmental issues needed to successfully manage conflict.

Conflict Management training content and exercises provide skills that can be used to encourage positive outcomes when conflict occurs in the workplace or in participants' personal lives. It also offers resources to help participants deal with bullying.


• Reduced employee turnover

• Improved processes

• Improved overall health

• Fewer sick days - spent escaping difficult interactions at work

• Improved communication and understanding

• Increased cooperation promotes a thriving working environment

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Conflict Management Online Program

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