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Executive Communication Coaching

Executive Communication Coaching focuses on communicating more clearly and effectively in a variety of situations. This program is often chosen by executives when they are presenting pivotal ideas, introducing complex processes and/or handling potentially hostile negotiations. Participants select from a menu of essential communication skills.

Program Objective Options include:

Delivering a clear and concise message.

Using persuasive and informative techniques.

Handling hostile or difficult conversations.

Managing question and answer sessions.

Giving and receiving feedback.

Designing and using visual aids.

Critiquing verbal and nonverbal delivery skills.

Executive Coaching is facilitated by:

Steven Kanten, PhD

President of KCI Training Dr. Kanten has over twenty-five years business communication coaching experience.

Pivotal Presentation Opportunities

When the presentation absolutely has to be the best, call KCI and allow Steve Kanten, PhD to personally train and help you prepare. If your not using a professional presentations trainer... you probably should be. Just like anything else, practice and using advanced techniques leads to improved results.

To make a reservation for a workshop

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