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"Courage is what it takes
to stand up and speak.

 Courage is also what it
takes to sit down
and listen."

- Winston Churchill

Dr. Ron Kraybill has developed a self-administered instrument (based on the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model) that provides insights into an individual's conflict styles. The Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory helps identify our conflict style when emotions are under control, as well as our conflict style when emotions rise. Everyone has observed:

"When we get angry, we get stupid."

Now we will learn about and take the Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory and score it. Once you have completed the inventory, we'll discuss what your scores may mean for your efforts to resolve conflict.
Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory Introduction
We all experience painful differences with others as a part of living. Perhaps more than any other challenge in life, our ability to work out differences with others affects our ability to live well and be happy. Yet most of us get little thoughtful guidance from parents and teachers on how to do this. We figure out a few things by trial and error, but we are often confused and hurt by what happens in conflicts.
So how do you respond to conflict?
Most people aren't sure how to answer. It is often easier to describe how others respond than how we ourselves respond.
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