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Leadership &
Strategic Communications

Leaders deliver clear and concise messages with action plans that build consensus and motivate others to assist them.

During this program, participants learn to deliver both informative and persuasive presentations with focus on the proper use of visual aids to help retain the audience's attention and keep meetings on-track.

KCI Training's Leadership & Strategic Communication Skills programs blend the best of our Listener-Based Presentations and Reader-Based Writing Skills into a highly tailored, very unique program offered during an onsite, instructor-led workshop.

Participants will learn two of KCI's proprietary process - the POD Presentation Process and the POWR Writing Process.

POD Presentation Process

Using KCI’s POD presentation process, participants learn to develop presentations/briefings more effectively and efficiently. The proven POD Process helps participants
• Plan
• Organize
• Deliver

Using the POD process, participants learn to develop a clear and concise propose for their briefing. They’ll focus on explaining why they are personally interested in this topic, why the audience should be interested in this topic, and what steps need to be taken.:

This repeatable process also addresses issues such as how to analyze your audience effectively, multiple brainstorming techniques, how and why to use visual aids, how to manage Q and A sessions, as well as understanding both the verbal and nonverbal elements of delivery.

2 Day Workshop

1.5 Day of Presentation/Briefing Skills Training

.5 Day Writing Skills

3-5 Critiqued Briefings and Personalized Email Coaching

Maximum 8 Participants

Cost $10,000.00 all inclusive
(facilitator per diem, travel expenses, online program and workshop materials)


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POWR Writing Process

Using KCI’s POWR Writing Process, participants learn to write clear, concise, and actionable emails. The POWR Process helps participants:
• Plan
• Organize
• Write
• Revise

Using the POWR process, participants learn to focus on the bottom line. Their writing becomes clear, concise, action oriented, and easy to read. This program teaches you how to Plan, Organize, Write, and Revise everything from short emails to more lengthy technical reports.

This repeatable process also addresses effective reader analysis, effective use of the subject line, multiple brainstorming techniques, different organizational techniques, overcoming writer’s block, as well as how to edit effectively.

Includes Blended Online Training

KCI’s Leadership and Strategic Communications program blends the best of our Listener-Based Presentations, Briefing Techniques, and Reader-Based Writing programs into a highly tailored, interactive instructor-led 2 day workshop with a 2 hour online program.

KCI’s online Briefing Techniques program must be completed prior to attending the workshop. In this 2 hour online program, participants will plan and organize a 10 minute briefing/presentation which they will deliver during the workshop.
Each participant is also requested to submit 2-3 emails (redacted) for potential use in the writing skills portion of the workshop.

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