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Leadership &
Strategic Communications

Leaders deliver clear and concise messages with action plans that build consensus and motivate others to assist them.

During this program, participants learn to deliver both informative and persuasive presentations with focus on the proper use of visual aids to help retain the audience's attention and keep meetings on-track.

KCI Training's Leadership & Strategic Communication Skills programs blend the best of our Listener-Based Presentations and Reader-Based Writing Skills into a highly tailored, very unique program offered during an onsite, instructor-led workshop.

Participants will learn two of KCI's proprietary process - the POD Presentation Process and the POWR Writing Process.


POD Presentation Process

Using KCI Training’s POD Presentation Process participants learn to develop excellent presentations. The proven POD process helps participants:
• Plan
• Organize
• Deliver

Using the POD process participants learn to develop a clear purpose for their presentation. They learn to describe why they are personally interested in the topic, why the audience should be interested in the topic, how the topic affects the audience, as well as specific recommendations for action.

This repeatable process provides effective techniques to manage stress, how, when, and why to use visual aids, 5 brainstorming techniques, effective use of tone, body language, and how to use audience analysis to measure the level of understanding and interest your audience has in your topic.

2 Day Workshop

POWR Writing Process

Using KCI Training’s POWR Writing Process participants learn to write clear, actionable emails. They learn to:
• Plan
• Organize
• Write
• Revise

Using these advanced writing techniques, participants learn to focus on the bottom-line. Their writing becomes clear, concise, action-oriented, and easy to read. This program teaches you to Plan, Organize, Write, and Revise everything from quick emails to lengthy, more intricate technical reports.

These writing skills have been proven to increase efficiency, reduce communication errors, and improve teamwork when used within departments or corporate-wide.

Bottom-line focused emails, technical reports, and sales strategies are easy to read and increase cooperation.

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