Business and Technical Communication Skills Training


Leaders deliver presentations that contain a clear, concise messages that builds consensus and contain an action plan. During this program, participants learn to deliver both informative and persuasive presentations with focus on team-building.

KCI's Leadership & Strategic Communication Skills programs blend the best of our Listener-Based Presentations and Reader-Based Writing Skills into highly tailored, very unique programs offered either within instructor-led workshops or online.


  • C-Suite level presentations
  • Quickly develop powerful presentations using KCI's proprietary POD process
  • Learn to use "teamwork speak" and improve listening skills
  • Organize data into a strategic message, reinforced by visual aids
  • Captivate and empower audiences using proven techniques
  • Manage stress and overcome stage fright - become a clear, confident speaker
  • Use Q&A sessions to your advantage

Leadership & Strategic Communication Skills workshops include an online prework session which allows participants to develop their first presentation prior to attending the workshop, and avoid wasting time. They arrive with a finished presentation in-hand, ready to go. Participants spend more time learning valuable presenting techniques, critiquing methods, and Q&A strategies utilizing the KCI program facilitators' expert advice.

Using KCI's proven techniques, participants quickly produce finely crafted presentations that inspire and captivate audiences resulting in a measurable, positive return on your investment.

Leadership & Strategic Communication Skills Programs Offered

Leadership & Strategic Presentation Skills
    3-5 Critiqued Presentations 
    4-6 Email Critique (optional)

2 Day, Onsite Instructor-led
2 hrs Prework Webinar
    2 days Presentation Skills

Recommended # of Participants
Minimum 8, Maximum 15

$1,250.00 per participant.
    All materials are included.

Leadership & Strategic Communication Skills with Q&A
    4-6 Critiqued Presentations
    Email Critique

3 Day, Onsite Instructor-led
    2 hrs Prework Webinar
    2.5 days Presentation Skills
    .5 day Email Skills

Recommended # of Participants
Minimum 10, Maximum 15

$1,500.00 per participant.
    All materials are included.        
Leadership & Strategic Communication Skills
Self-Paced, On-Demand Webinar
5 Hours approx.
    3 hrs Writing Skills Webinar
    2 hrs Presentation Skills Webinar

Recommended # of Participants
Minimum 1, Maximum 1000

$250.00 per participant.
    All materials available online.
    Editorial review of 5 emails.
    Powerpoint feedback included.
    Presentation feedback included.
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