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Briefing Techniques

Briefing Techniques is one of our most popular online programs.

This programs is a favorite of corporate and government clients because briefings often include in-depth Q&A sessions. Participants practice Q&A techniques that prepare them to defend their position and learn how to reinforce their views using audience participation.


Participants learn to quickly develop powerful briefings using KCI's proprietary processes. Organize your message and properly use visual aids. Differentiate between critical and non-critical points in your message. Captivate audiences using proven strategies. Manage stress and overcome stage fright - become a clear, confident speaker. Use Q&A sessions to your advantage.

Effective briefings require preparation and clear, critical objectives. KCI's proven techniques teach participants to produce quality briefings that captivate audiences and yield measurable, positive results.

Learn To Focus On Critical Communication Points

What do you want them to know?

What do you want them to do?

What is your action-plan?

When audiences receive clear objectives they can make quick decisions regarding the value of the briefing, and the needs and opportunities that have been presented.

Program Objectives
After completing this program you will be able to:

• Clarify the objective of your briefing.
• Brainstorm ideas for your briefing.
• Learn to use 5 brainstorming techniques.
• Use the POD process to systematically Plan, Organize, and Deliver your briefing.
• Plan your briefing based on your audience analysis & your objective.
• Brainstorm the supporting materials.
• Select the ideas that support the objective of your briefing.
• Organize your briefing into a PSS informative format.
• Organize your briefing into a SPSS persuasive format.
• Identify and use a variety of organizational principles.
• Use an agenda slide to improve the organization.
• Use varied verbal and non-verbal delivery techniques.
• Use strategies to improve Q&A sessions.
• Use stress management techniques.

Briefing Techniques Online


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Additional Information:
No prerequisite knowledge is required to be successful
in this course.
No advance preparation is required.
Program Level: Basic
Delivery Method: QAS Self Study
Refunds and Cancellations:
For complaints or concerns, please contact our offices at 435-214-7995