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Briefing Techniques

Briefing Techniques, Brief Like "TED", and Mission Critical Briefing Techniques are some of our most popular Briefing Skills programs.

These programs are a favorite of corporate and government clients because briefings often include in-depth Q&A sessions. Participants practice Q&A techniques that prepare them to defend their position and learn how to reinforce their views using audience participation. Instructor-led workshops and online programs are offered.


Quickly develop powerful briefings using KCI's proprietary processes. Organize your message and properly use visual aids. Differentiate between critical and non-critical points in your message. Captivate audiences using proven strategies. Manage stress and overcome stage fright - become a clear, confident speaker. Use Q&A sessions to your advantage.

Effective briefings require preparation and clear, critical objectives. KCI's proven techniques teach participants to produce quality briefings that captivate audiences and yield measurable, positive results.

Learn To Focus On Critical Communication Points

What do you want them to know?

What do you want them to do?

How quickly do you need them to start?

When audiences receive clear objectives they can make quick decisions regarding the value of the briefing, and the needs and opportunities that have been presented.

Workshops include an online prework session which allows participants to develop their first briefing prior to attending the workshop, and avoid wasting time.  They can arrive at the workshop with a finished briefing in-hand, ready to go. Participants spend more time learning valuable briefing techniques, critiquing methods, and Q&A strategies utilizing the KCI program facilitators' expert advice.

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Brief Like "TED"

KCI Training’s “Brief Like TED” 1 Day training program helps participants plan, organize, and categorize information, prepare for effective Q&A sessions, and engage and motivate audiences. Participants prepare and deliver 3 briefings to small groups. Their presentations are recorded, group and instructor feedback are provided.

This highly interactive program provides effective techniques to manage stress, how, when, and why to use visual aids, 5 brainstorming techniques, effective use of tone, body language, and how to use audience analysis to measure the level of understanding and interest your audience has in your topic. Participants learn to develop a clear purpose for their presentation. They will learn to describe why they are interested in the topic, why the audience should be interested in the topic, how the topic affects the audience, as well as specific recommendations for action.

Increase Skills Retention

KCI Training has discovered that skills retention rates among participants increase substantially when they first participate in our optional, but recommended online, self-paced award-winning, prework Briefing Techniques program prior to the 1 Day Workshop. This interactive prework course is a part of our Brief Like Ted, Mission Critical, and Briefing Techniques programs and covers the basics of developing quality briefings. This time saving tool allows participants to focus on effective delivery techniques (or other questions) during the workshop with our SME facilitator, Steven Kanten, PhD.

All KCI Training briefing skills blended programs use video, lecture, interactive reviews, PowerPoint presentations, recording, group exercises, and group and facilitator feedback.