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Self-Assessment Writing

KCI’s Self-Assessment writing program offers employees an opportunity to review and reflect upon the development of their career and identify goals and strategies to further their progress. This program was developed to engage the participant with goal setting exercises and further develop their writing and organizational skills.

Self-Assessment Writing participants develop a clear definition self-assessment writing and the expectations and potential involved. A variety of examples are discussed, and a checklist of performance highlights is developed.


Participants learn to use a systematic method to periodically document their job performance on a variety of parameters such as positives and negatives, team-building examples, interdepartmental initiatives, timeliness, and adaptation to change.

Participants will discuss and learn to use the and identify SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely.

Participants learn to record personal achievements, set goals, identify interpersonal roadblocks, and financial and resource challenges that they may encounter.

Learn To Focus On Critical Communication Points

The ultimate objective is to learn to begin the planning process for the next assessment cycle including what specific relationship, production, and timeline goals they will pursue.

Self-Assessment Writing Workshop

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