Business and Technical Communication Skills Training


Our award-winning Listener-Based Presentation Skills programs have been designed to fulfill a variety of specific communication needs. Presentation Skills Training programs offered include:

Learn To Focus On Critical Communication Points

  • What you want audiences to know.
  • What you want them to do.
  • How you want them to proceed.

When audiences know the answers to the above questions they are more likely to take the action the presenter advocates. When the audience is overwhelmed with meaningless data, they do nothing; and your presentation time and effort is wasted. The audience may also feel you've wasted their resources.

KCI Presentation Skills training programs are delivered either in instructor-led workshops or online. KCI's self-paced online programs can include feedback regarding both presentation delivery (via recording or skype) and visual aids (powerpoint).

Overall Objectives Of KCI Presentation Skills Programs

  • Evaluating data to develop a clear and concise message, including an action plan.
  • Planning and organizing a presentation or document in less time.
  • Using both informative and persuasive formats.
  • Understanding the importance of audience analysis.
Development Skills Objectives 
  • Overcoming writer's block.
  • Developing a visible roadmap.
  • Persuading or informing using templates.
  • Using a step-by-step organization process.
Delivery Skills Objectives
  • Presenting with more confidence while keeping the audience engaged.
  • Developing interesting visuals.
  • Using strategic delivery techniques.
  • Using question and answer sessions to your advantage.

Becoming an effective presenter is a difficult process. KCI's proprietary POD process teaches participants to Plan, Organize and Deliver finely crafted messages that captivate audiences and deliver positive results.

Many of our Presentation Skills programs feature online prework programs that helps participants plan and organize a clear, concise message; while the instructor-led workshop focuses on verbal and non-verbal platforming skills. This schedule eliminates wasted time and provides a greater return on your investment.

KCI Training programs are available in instructor-led workshops, executive coaching sessions, and self-paced online programs. These varied delivery methods provide options that enable you to choose the training method that works best for you.

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