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Reviews and Excercises


The POD Process
has 12 Steps.
The Planning Phase
includes Steps 1- 4.

  1. Clarify your purpose
  2. Analyze the audience and the situation
  3. Brainstorm content
  4. Select main points

test tubes At the end of Step 2 you will be able to:
  1. Gather knowledge about the needs of your audience and their circumstances
  2. Plan your presentation content to meet these needs
  3. Further develop the outline of your presentation to meet the needs of your audience and their situation

Analyze The Audience And The Situation

The audience and the circumstances surrounding the technical presentation will determine to a significant extent what should be done in the presentation. Listener-based presentations means that meeting the needs of the audience is of paramount importance. Taking care of the audience is both an ethical and a practical issue. Classical rhetoricians like Aristotle taught that speakers have a responsibility to tell the truth and to have the best interests of the listeners at heart. We agree. Beyond that, contemporary business practice rightly emphasizes taking care of the "customer" -  whether the customer is internal or external. Take care of the customer, and in the long term, the customer will take care of you.

What Is Most Important
Analyzing the audience and the situation involves a search for what is most important to the audience in that situation. Some of these factors may cause you to modify what you say, and/or how you say it.  For example, in any presentation, what the audience already knows about your topic may be important. Be certain that your audience understands the technical facts and issues you are presenting.

Analyzing the situation may also be a factor affecting how you present. If you are presenting at a golf course your presentation style may be much different than the way you would present during a technical meeting. During a casual lunch-n-learn your presentation content would not be the same as during a board meeting. Knowledge of the situation can include any biases or historical issues that may directly affect your presentation.

Your First Objective
Gather knowledge regarding the needs of your audience and their situation. To a great extent, the audience needs and their situation will determine what should be done in your technical presentation.

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