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"If you can't write your
idea on the back of my
card you don't have
a clear idea."

building Determine The Overall Purpose Of Your Briefing And In Particular- "Know Your Desired Result"
When contractors build homes they don't start by nailing pieces of wood together. They use blueprints and additional step-by-step organizational information designed to plan the structure before they begin.

Determine the overall objective of your 8-minute briefing.
Once the overall purpose is identified - plan the work to achieve the end result.

Three Goals
Briefings are written with three goals or purposes in mind.

  • Inform
  • Persuade
  • Entertain

You may want the audience to know something - Information

Agree with a conclusion you've already reached based upon the data - Persuasion

Keep their interest by employing some elements of - Entertainment

Determine The Desired Outcome - specify clearly what you want the audience to know, think, or believe after listening to your presentation.

Clear Purpose
Effective presenters write a single clear purpose and create their briefing with that goal in mind. Like this: "Implement new hire training teams before March 15th."

Ineffective speakers fail to clarify the purpose of their briefing. If you were to ask them the purpose of their briefing they might answer, "To increase visibility, capture a position, show why the system works, and how we are going to handle the end results."

When the speaker's purpose is scattered between multiple goals and ideas, the audience is often unable to identify the briefing's purpose and often they fail to gain insight or value from the briefing.

Creating A Clear Purpose Is A Process

Start with an idea, think it through, check it as you develop your briefing. Adjustments to your stated purpose may be needed, but ultimately the goal is to state the purpose of your briefing in a single clear sentence.

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