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"We are what we
 repeatedly do.
Excellence, then,
is not an act, but
a habit."

 - Aristotle


Welcome to KCI's Reader-Based Writing 1.0 Online Program!

I'm Steven Kanten, President of KCI, and I have been teaching writing skills programs to Fortune 100 and 500 companies for over 25 years.

We agree with the saying, "good technical skills will get you in - good communication skills will get you ahead." This program is designed to help you acquire good written communication skills by building a foundation of English writing skills.

POWR Process
The overall purpose of this training is to make you a better and faster business email writer. To do this, the program reviews basic written American business English skills and teaches you how to write basic business emails using an efficient, repeatable process - the KCI POWR writing process. The process you learn here has application for every kind of writing.


  • Learn to write clear, concise, action-oriented emails.
  • Better understand and use American Business English grammar and punctuation.
  • Use the POWR writing process to plan, organize, write, and revise an effective business/technical email.
  • Write and submit a business email to KCI. Receive personal editorial review and feedback.

The program is presented in five units.

Unit One: Mastering American Business English is a summary of English grammar and describes the common pitfalls of the English language and how to avoid them.
Unit Two: Two Useful Tools introduces two time-saving tools (brainstorming and the POWR writing process).
Unit Three: Plan discusses the importance of planning a reader-based business email using techniques to clarify your purpose, target your audience, and brainstorm and select the points that will accomplish your purpose.
Unit Four: Organize discusses principles of effective organization and introduces two formats for organizing business emails (PSS and SPSS).
Unit Five: Write describes the value of writing a quick draft that can be polished and finalized later. It provides lots of writing tips and describes a two-stage revision process that starts with macro issues and moves to micro issues. We also discuss how to use available internet resources to find answers to your questions about writing mechanics and email appearance.

You must meet two requirements to receive a completion certificate for this program.

  1. Write an email using the POWR Writing Process and submit it for review. One of KCI's editorial consultants will review your email and provide customized feedback.
  2. Complete the Program Evaluation at the end of the program.

You'll receive a RBW 1.0 Certificate of Completion once you have fulfilled both requirements.

KCI Support: For questions about program content, assignments, reviews, or technical issues, send us an email by clicking on the "Ask KCI" button, or call 801-612-7547.

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