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Nouns name a person, place, thing,
idea, or action.

Nouns Name A Person, Place, Thing, Idea, Or Action

world  Nouns are often preceded by the words a or the.

Classes Of Nouns
Nouns can be sorted into different classifications. Some of these classifications are important to understand so you use the nouns correctly.


Common Nouns
Common nouns name general things and are not capitalized.

Examples: woman, government, team, manager, city

Proper Nouns
Proper nouns name specific people or places and are always capitalized.

Examples: Rosemary, the Alpha Project Team, Germany, Los Angeles

Mass Nouns
Mass nouns name things that are not usually counted and are often used with words like any, lots of, a little, less and some.


  • air, hair, jewelry, money, shoes, coffee, rice
  • If we can save any money with the new system, let's get it to happen.
  • We'll need lots of coffee to get through this overtime project.

Count Nouns
Count nouns name things that may be counted and are often used with words like a, some, a dozen, a few, several and with numbers (7, 300, a thousand).


  • computers, ounces, cameras, dollars, quarters, pairs of shoes, cups of coffee, pounds of rice
  • We need 700 pounds of rice per week to meet customer demand.
  • The company has a dozen computers on order.
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