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Reviews and Excercises



This Program Is Designed To Be Self-Directed and Self-Paced

  • You can sequentially read through each unit.
  • If you are familiar with some of the content, you may skip content and exercises at your discretion.
  • If you want to get more information, complete the exercises and receive instant electronic feedback.
  • Complete the reviews at the end of each unit. These reviews are short and test your knowledge of the concepts covered in the unit. If you miss an answer, go back and review the relevant section. This way you can be sure you've hit on all of the most important concepts.
  • When you have completed a unit, go on to the next one.

We have provided you with several writing templates to use as planning aids as you complete the POWR Writing Process.

You're set to go, so use either the Contents button or the Next arrow to begin Unit One. Remember to keep track of where you leave off by using the "Favorites" button in your browser before you exit the program.

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