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Assume that the following three emails are in your inbox.

daily mail As you read, try to determine the purpose of the email and what, as a reader, you are supposed to do with it. Assume that your boss is going to ask for a briefing on each email. Be prepared to answer these two questions about each one:
  • What is this email all about?
  • What is the reader supposed to do?

Read quickly for initial impression. Take no more than five minutes to complete the reading.

 Email One

To: Letitia Parry
Copy to: ADF, and the VEX and DCT teams
From: Edwin Kowalski
Subject: Data Conversion Project Status

Per our last discussion, this memo summarizes Data Conversion project tasks completed, in progress, and not yet started. I have included the effect of these activities on the "go live dates."

This project was started two months ago. The project was approved by all the participants from all the working teams. We all agreed to complete the project by the "go live" in order to save as much as $200,000 that would accrue if the data conversion overlaps the new process rules.

The AFD Integration activities are 10% complete from last week. One of the major issues is that the communication plan is not clear. VEX and the DCT teams have different objectives and expectations. The expected completion date is unknown. The effect on the "go Live" date is substantial. Required remedial actions are to assign more resources and to pressure AFD and to clarify the communication strategy with AFD.

FEA Integration activities are 80% complete, which is a 20% completion progress from last week. The issue here is that the delay in the translation effort will be significant. The translation team has requested a bid. The translation team expects the work to take 3 to 4 weeks. The expected completion date is unknown. The effect on the "go live" date is substantial. Required remedial actions are to assign a member of our team to be part of the translation team and to pressure translation to execute.

DEC Integration activities are 90% complete, which is a 40% completion progress from last week. This integration has no issues. The expected completion date is August 7. This will have no effect on the "go live" date.

We have nearly completed the DEC Integration and FEA Integration tasks. However, we expect substantial delays in completing the AFD Integration tasks for reasons recorded above.

At this time, I require your assistance to resolve the issues outstanding by implementing my suggestions for remedial action for each issue.

Rate the email in terms of readability according to the terms below; grade from A to F.

A. Highly readable. Easy to determine the purpose and what the reader is supposed to do.

B. Very readable. Purpose and action desired are clear. Email could be improved but works pretty well.

C. Readable. Purpose and action desired can be found but it requires some effort. Email not reader friendly.

D. Not very readable. Email requires the reader to work hard. Purpose and desired action are vague. 

F. Unreadable. The writer should be buried in an ant hill for having subjected the reader to this awful stuff.

Assign a letter grade to this email. Then click the next arrow to see how other readers rated the email.

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