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Email: 3
Subject: Personal Computer Program
Letter Grade: B- to B
Discussion: The author is very straightforward in identifying the purpose of the email and in explaining that employees will pay for the computers. The very large second paragraph needs to be broken up. The details for participation in the program would stand out better if displayed in a bulleted list.

How did your rating of these emails compare with the ratings of other readers? While one reader may like a email and another will find faults with it, usually most readers agree on the characteristics of effective emails.

Here is a model email that illustrates many of the characteristics of an effective email. Take a moment to read the email. Can you see how its features make it "read short"?

Model Email

TO: mmanage@unitaoil.com
SUBJECT: Recommendation to Fund Chemical Engineering Scholarship at Georgia Tech

I recommend that $30,000 be allocated from the proposed 20-- Team Budget to fund a special scholarship program in the School of Chemical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The purpose of this new program, originated by the school and patterned after a successful National Science Foundation program, is to expose a select group of the best undergraduate chemical engineering students to university/industrial research and to recognize them for their academic achievements.

Key Reasons to Participate in the Program

Several key reasons for funding this scholarship program are listed below. All of these are consistent with our recruiting goals at Georgia Tech and our long-term interests at Uinta Oil:

  • Increases Uinta's visibility in a school of high interest (6 Chem E hires this year)
  • Reinforces Uinta's commitment to the school administration and faculty
  • Provides Uinta direct exposure to top students
  • Promotes graduate education in Chemical Engineering
  • Promotes industrial research in a university environment

Program Outline

The scholarship program is well outlined in the attached proposal from Professor Mark Whit, Associate Director of the School of Chemical Engineering. In brief, Uinta's contribution of $30,000 would fund one student's tuition and research project for two full academic semesters. The student would be designated a "Uinta Oil Undergraduate Fellow" and be recognized prominently in the school.

Please let me know how you feel about this project. To make it available for the next academic year, we need to begin setting it up in November of this year.

Based on the Daily Mail exercise and the sample emails, what do YOU think are the characteristics of effective emails?

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