Business and Technical Communication Skills Training


Presentation Skills

Our award winning Listener-Based Presentation Skills programs have been designed to fulfill a variety of specific communication needs. Becoming an effective presenter is a difficult process. KCI's presentation programs utilize our proprietary POD process that teaches participants to Plan, Organize, and Deliver finely crafted messages that captivate audiences and deliver positive results.

Presentation Skills Programs

Many of our Presentation Skills programs offer online prework prior to the instructor-led workshop. This schedule eliminates wasted time and provides a greater return on your investment. During the presentation delivery exercises focus shifts to understanding verbal and non-verbal delivery techniques. Participant's presentations are recorded and critiqued. In some of our workshops, learning to manage hostile Q&A  sessions are an integral part of the program.

Learn To Focus On Critical Communication Points

  • What you want audiences to know.
  • What you want them to do.
  • How you want them to proceed.

When audiences know the answers to the above questions they are more likely to assist the presenter. When audiences feel overwhelmed by meaningless data, often they do nothing. Your presentation time and effort is wasted and audiences may feel you've wasted their resources.

Conflict Management

Conflict is part of both our professional and personal lives. Learning to manage conflict, establish guidelines that encourage new ideas and open communication while preventing animosity, is an extremely valuable process.

  • Conflict can be positive, leading to improvements in processes and attitudes.
  • Conflict can be negative, leading to loss of productivity and teamwork.

KCI's Conflict Management program identifies the early signs of potential conflict, and provides skills that can be used to encourage positive outcomes. We also address how to more effectively control conflict, and what to do when conflict escalates.

Writing Skills Training

For over twenty-five years these extremely effective programs have been used by Fortune 100 corporations to ensure their staff utilize consistent writing processes and best techniques. In these programs, we discuss the evolution of the "new rules" of writing including the appropriate use of emails, instant messaging, texts, emoticons, acronyms, and salutations.

Writing Skills programs offered include:

KCI's proprietary POWR development process enables writers to Plan, Organize, Write, and Revise their documents. This process enables the quick creation of well planned, organized, and concise messages.

KCI Training programs are delivered during instructor-led workshops, executive coaching sessions, and via online programs. These varied delivery methods provide the most appropriate learning setting based upon the number of participants and the training timeframe that works best for you.

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