Business and Technical Communication Skills Training


KCI Writing Skills program participants learn to write documents that are clear, concise, action-oriented, and easy to read. They practice writing business emails using KCI's proprietary POWR process. This high-speed process is used to Plan, Organize, Write, and Revise everything from quick emails to lengthy, more intricate technical reports. A consultant or editor reviews these emails and provides feedback.

Writing Skills Programs Offered

Overall Program Objectives

  • Overcoming writer's block and save time.
  • Using effective writing processes.
  • Writing with the reader in mind.
  • Using 5 brainstorming techniques.
  • Using informative and persuasive templates.
  • Using a step-by-step revision process.

KCI's Writing Skills programs are available as highly customized, consultant-led workshops or as self-directed online programs.
KCI's Email Skills program offers both comprehensive business and technical email writing training.

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